Re-program subconscious mind step #7: Choices

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

7.      Choices: There are a lot of objections that immediately come to mind for most people about how and why they Choicessimply do not have the time to consider programming their subconscious mind for success. The simplest reason for this is that people’s old conditioning gets in the way. We have been married to our old conditioning for a long time, so naturally, when you try to replace this mental ‘spouse’ it is bound to put up resistance. And the simplest expression of that is to create fear, doubt, distractions, and laziness in our conscious minds.

When we are faced with fear, our natural instinct is to hide, to shrink away from that which is causing discomfort. Nevertheless, we are unique in that we have the ability to consciously choose to ignore the fear and do it anyway. People say they don’t have time to do the work. Truth is everyone has the same 24 hours. Everyone does have time, it’s just a matter of how different people spend their time. Few people spend the time to learn, to educate themselves, to invest in their continued growth, to engage in the quest for fulfillment. In the same amout of time, most other people choose to ‘unplug’, ‘unwind’, and watch tv.

As a result, you are standing on the razor’s edge. One step over the edge in the right direction will give you the glorious results you seek. One step backwards, and you make the choice to remain as you now are, with no further potential for growth.

1.      Set a schedule

2.      Affirmations and lifestyle mind movie

3.      Meditation

4.      Introspection time

5.      A new library of books

6.      Audio

7.      Choices

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