Re-program subconscious mind step #3: Meditation

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

3.      Meditation: Meditation as I understand it is to relax your body and mind so that your conscious mind with all its distractions has the opportunity to slow down and relax. With practice, this enables you to become more in-tune with your body and facilitates easier passing of instructions to the subconscious mind. You can meditate as often as you like; I suggest at least once a day.

a.       Self meditation

i. This is how the Buddha attained enlightenment and there are millions of people around the world who meditate every day. I’m sure Google will help you find the best practices for self meditation.

b.      Guided meditation with affirmations

i. This is my personal preference. This way I am able to respond to the instructions of people I trust (Brian Tracy and John Assaraf) as they lead me into a guided meditation state. Additionally, their meditation material has affirmations included.

You can get the 5 mp3s here: Brian Tracy and John Assaraf guided meditation

1.      Set a schedule

2.      Affirmations and lifestyle mind movie

3.      Meditation

4.      Introspection time

5.      A new library of books

6.      Audio

7.      Choices


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  1. Mind Control has worked wonders for me throughout the couple of years that I’ve been listening to it. I had fantastic outcomes in a brief time frame and I still continue to listen to the entrainment sessions just about every day.

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