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Let’s get it out of the way shall we? Yes, I bastardized the famous one liner by Neil Armstrong. I feel it’s appropriate. Also, as a disclaimer, I make certain generalizations in this post, and at times it can be seen as being politically incorrect. Now you know.

Moving on, my topic today is about momentum – one of those things that Sir Isaac Newton talked so much about. From a Wikipedia article (LINK) about Newton’s Laws:

“… mass, acceleration, momentum, and (most importantly) force are assumed to be externally defined quantities. This is the most common, but not the only interpretation…”

Just as the laws of physics are applied to the universe, so too can they be applied to the race of intelligent beings upon a blue and green planet called Earth. What? I’m sticking with the Neil Armstrong bit. Although momentum can be observed and measured quite literally in physical objects, we have almost no way of accounting for momentum in our own lives – more specifically the daily outcomes we experience in our lives.

It seems that over the generations progressing towards 2010 a frame of mind has steadily and increasingly taken root in our consciousness – that you are not responsible. In browsing through a typical newspaper it becomes quite pronounced. I see this most with a lot of parents who prefer to blame teachers for their kids turning out rotten, while teachers blame parents for kids being rotten. Or how about obese people blaming fast food restaurants for adding on their extra pounds. Or how about people who order hot coffee, and are then amazed that it is still hot when spilled on their laps about 2 minutes later and then proceed to sue the company who sold them the hot coffee – which they ordered mind you.

Granted, these may seem to be trivial cases, however when you seen it occurring throughout society in many forms – individuals, groups, towns, cities, countries, governments – it sucks. Nobody wants to take responsibility because it’s always someone else’s fault. Someone else is always the bad guy. Someone else is always the reason why we can’t have an amazing life. Someone else is the cause of our frustrations, anger, depression, rage. And on and on.

I didn’t forget, this post is about momentum. All of the above, in my mind, amounts to negative momentum. Instead of moving forward, we seem intent to move backward. Just like any other time in history, in fact even more so now in the 21st century, we have immense responsibility however we routinely shy away from taking responsibility for ourselves – our actions, our expectations, our results.

Inevitably this makes us lazy because we can always blame someone else if anything we do doesn’t work out the way we want quickly and cheaply. Negative momentum in the making. People complain about their life, their friends, their financial situation, overall their lot in life. We have forgotten how quick and easy it is to change this. Snap your finger. Go ahead. SNAP! It’s that easy.

Self Responsibility“Nah, you’re crazy. It isn’t that easy” I challenge you to find out why it is just that easy. Your complaints, your problems, your insecurities – guess what, it happens all over the world all the time. Life is perspective. When you realize that YOU control the outcome of your life, you’ll realize just how easy it is to change your life. Job you don’t like – leave. Friends who are negative, hold you back, or otherwise bothersome – fire them. Heavyset – work out. Weaknesses – leave them behind, work on your strengths. Change yourself in your mind first – snap – and your world will change around you.

The scientific version of this is defined by quantum physics – that your experience of this outer universe is a mirror of our experience with our inner universe. To borrow a phrase from John Assaraf, “Change your brain, change your life”. Everything around you is made of the same basic particles that vibrate at different frequencies. Our ability to create and experience new materials is always changing. 200 years ago, babies were being born in the same way they are today, yet their brains and bodies will now have to deal with computers, cell phones, cars, and music – all manner of things and objects that didn’t exist 200 years ago. Nevertheless, your body and brain will adapt to the surroundings of today, just as babies born 200 years from now will adapt to their futuristic surroundings. The particles are still the same, but momentum of change is constantly reorganizing them.

Our present state has been the result of generations of momentum, one change at a time, from the ground to outer space. Our lives can be led and managed in the same way. Resolve to take one step at a time towards the results you wish to have. Soon momentum will take hold in your life and you will move forward in leaps and bounds.

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