Chose to believe something? Consider the source.

Wow, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a blog entry. Have no fear, I’ve got a good one for you today.

The following is an excerpt from an informal e-mail I sent a friend who is prone to watching too much tv including those prime time talk shows. It contains some generalizations and is an expression of my opinion only (/end disclaimer):

“This is why you shouldn’t believe the information coming from tv ‘experts’. A bunch of basketball sports stars who millions of people look up to were paid to advertise this stuff as healthy but in fact it’s just unhealthy artificial-sugar coloured water.

Doctors do the same thing. Consider the source of medication. Who creates the medication? Pharmaceutical companies. Who pays for the research? Pharmaceutical companies. Who pays for consumer testing and reports? Pharmaceutical companies. Who do these pharmaceutical companies need to get people to buy their medicine? Doctors. So doctors are given the materials necessary from the Smoking doctors say cigarettes are good for you!pharmaceutical companies so that when they come across an ailment, they have a pill on top of their mind to prescribe. Next time you go to a doctor’s office, see who’s name is on the bottom of all the charts and pictures in their office.

In India, your cure could be a herb growing in your garden. In North America it’s a pill that people have to buy that creates multiple side effects; for which there are more pills which then create more side effects.

The peole who have the most to gain are the pharmceutical companies because their primary mandate is to provide a return for their investors (shareholders); it’s a business after all. Most drugs are just a product to sell, like cars, loans, books, computers, etc. to make a profit. These companies rely on your willingness to trust ‘doctors’ or ‘experts’ so you won’t question why you may have to buy so many pills. They’ve simply gone after the path of least resistance: those people you already look up to and trust blindly. Very clever.

It’s quite simple. Always consider the source of the information. Why does a bank investment advisor suggest that bank’s investment products? Because that’s what they’re trained and paid to do. So the client may have some benefit, but the bank has a relatively bigger benefit because now they will have a larger pool of money to purchase other banking businesses to add to the bottom line for greater profit. And who does this really benefit? The shareholders.

It’s all business, but if you don’t “THINK”, you don’t win. I’m not a doctor, however I like to prescribe a healthy dose of skepticism.

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