Chance to Win a Million Dollars

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? Where would you go; what would you see; what would you buy; what would you eat? What would you do with a million dollars in winnings?

one-million-dollarsI have something in common with many of you, and that is that we live in North America. Chances are like a great majority of people that live in North America, you’ve probably been asked a question like this, “What would you do if you won a million dollars?”, or “Would you like a chance to win a million dollars?” Now it has been my observation that over the course of people’s lives they somehow become ingrained with the idea that a million dollars would solve everything; that a million dollars would remove all their problems – they would then be able to enjoy the rest of their lives from that point on without a care in the world – because they now have a million dollars. It very nearly is the stuff of bedtime stories.

You don’t have to look very far to see the opposite however, that people who win big also lose big. In fact many of them lose everything they won in very short periods of time and end up with greater liabilities than when they started. How could this be? A man won a million dollars, his problems are supposed to go away, not come back bigger. So what could it be? Are the prices for food, gas, clothing really all that high? I think we can all agree that isn’t the case. A modest home, car, lifestyle – is that too expensive? Maybe; but this shouldn’t be the case if you’ve won a million dollars.

I suggest that you look at one area 97% of the population never look – within themselves! Most people are walking around with an unsustainable operating system. It’s the very basic fundamentals that a person consciously and How do young people learn about money?subconsciously uses to function on a day-to-day basis that is the cause for this situation I’m talking about above. I suggest that you look at this person’s inner philosophy, their money blueprint as T. Harv Eker would call it. If a man or woman isn’t able to manage their current, relatively smaller, finances then winning a million dollars is just going to amplify it!

The problem lies with a person’s self management and self discipline. The reason why wealthy people are wealthy is because they are good money managers. That’s what sets apart a person who may have won a million dollars and one who earned a million dollars. It doesn’t matter if you win a million dollars or 10 million, you need to understand how to manage money.

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