How to manage my time, effort, and focus with an impact matrix

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Most of us are familiar with the phrase “there is nothing certain but death and taxes”. While that is absolutely true for most places around the world, I believe it requires a 21st century update that reads as follows:

“There is nothing certain but death, taxes, and change.”

Change is a universal constant as most scientists (and people counting white hair on their head) would certainly agree with. We have all felt the effects of a quickened pace of change over the past 10 years, and the race is on for individuals and organizations to find strategies to excel in this environment. Add to that the information overload we deal with on a daily basis, and very quickly we realize that something must be done; a desired solution that is sustainable and can be easily updated semi-annually or quarterly.

A simple strategy, I believe, is an Impact Effort Matrix. It can be effective at the individual, team, and organization levels; and helps to ensure that all efforts are aligned towards generating the highest impact – whatever your key performance indicators are. It works by helping you prioritize all your daily/weekly/monthly tasks based on the current situation. As changes arise, the relevant tasks in your impact matrix can be revisited and updated to help with course-correction. The matrix also allows you to make room for ongoing learning, so you are better equipped to manage change and your outcomes. Continue reading “How to manage my time, effort, and focus with an impact matrix”

Re-program subconscious mind step #7: Choices

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

7.      Choices: There are a lot of objections that immediately come to mind for most people about how and why they Choicessimply do not have the time to consider programming their subconscious mind for success. The simplest reason for this is that people’s old conditioning gets in the way. We have been married to our old conditioning for a long time, so naturally, when you try to replace this mental ‘spouse’ it is bound to put up resistance. And the simplest expression of that is to create fear, doubt, distractions, and laziness in our conscious minds.

When we are faced with fear, our natural instinct is to hide, to shrink away from that which is causing discomfort. Nevertheless, we are unique in that we have the ability to consciously choose to ignore the fear and do it anyway. People say they don’t have time to do the work. Truth is everyone has the same 24 hours. Everyone does have time, it’s just a matter of how different people spend their time. Few people spend the time to learn, to educate themselves, to invest in their continued growth, to engage in the quest for fulfillment. In the same amout of time, most other people choose to ‘unplug’, ‘unwind’, and watch tv.

As a result, you are standing on the razor’s edge. One step over the edge in the right direction will give you the glorious results you seek. One step backwards, and you make the choice to remain as you now are, with no further potential for growth.

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Re-program subconscious mind step #6: Audio

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

6.      Audio: Along with what you are reading and positively affirming, you must also be listening to the words that expand your awareness and bring you closer to your future lifestyle. Much of the material you can purchase for relatively cheap amounts as audio books. This way you can start to turn your time turning your car into a university on wheels, or plug into your mp3 player while cooking or shovelling, mowing the lawn, in transit while on the way to work, etc. There is a lot of time in our lives that goes unaccounted for, and we can utilize that to expand our awareness.

a.       Audio books

i. A lot of audio books can be purchased on Amazon or

ii. Here is a torrent link where I got many of my audio books (you will need a torrent downloading program like bittorrent): Audio Books

iii. Start listening!

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Re-program subconscious mind step #5: Books

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

5.      A new library of books: What you put in is what you put out. Imagine a garden hose for a moment. Now one end is personal libraryscrewed onto a water tap, and the other end has been left open. When you turn on the tap on one end, eventually, water flows out the other end. Now imagine of you had screwed the hose to the back of a sewage truck, and turned on the tap. What’s going to flow out of the other end? Precisely. Not to over-simplify the human experience down to being a garden hose, but it gets the point across. What we put into our minds is what we get out of our experience. You speak English because you were taught English; you would speak Mandarin if you were taught Mandarin. What you put in is what you put out.

a.       Books

i. On my Books and Resources page, I have a number of suggested readings that will help to expand the level of your awareness on a number of subjects. Read the books that you like. Read the books that are in-tune with your future lifestyle.

ii. Caveat: Although fictional books may be part of your library, spend most of your focus on non-fiction. Read the biographies or autobiographies of people who have excelled in the things that interest you. Reading about vampires may help you improve your vocabulary, but it does not help you understand how to take a minimum 6 vacations a year. Sir Richard Branson will give you that answer. Read the life stories of people who have laid down the path ahead of you; it will make it easier to follow in their footsteps.

b.      Library

i. Wisdom of the world, available at your fingertips. My mentors collectively have spend millions of dollars on their own self education. I can then buy a book they have written with their new insights for $10 – $20. Wow.

ii. Buy the books, create the library. In the homes of wealthy people, you will always find a …. library. Wisdom of the world, available at your fingertips.

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Re-program subconscious mind step #4: Introspection Time

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

4.      Introspection Time: This is a critical element to the process of re-training your subconscious mind. Now that you are inputting all this new future-focused information, much of it may seem wild and extraordinary. You may wish to earn $1 million dollars in 2 years time, and the little voice in the back of your head may say “yeah right!” Of course your mind would say that; it’s looking at where you want to be, with the old conditioning that we’re trying to change anyway. It’s like saying, “Well I haven’t earned a million dollars before, so I don’t think it is likely to happen for me inintrospection the future.” If every millionaire thought like that, we wouldn’t have any millionaires!!

a.       What is introspection time?

i. Introspection time is essentially you talking to yourself. You and your inner voice are going to have a little discussion about the material you are absorbing. This is not to see if the new information will fit your old information. You will be telling your inner voice that this is the direction in which you wish to move, and you expect to help you along the way. You are replacing the old information with the new information.

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Re-program subconscious mind step #3: Meditation

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

3.      Meditation: Meditation as I understand it is to relax your body and mind so that your conscious mind with all its distractions has the opportunity to slow down and relax. With practice, this enables you to become more in-tune with your body and facilitates easier passing of instructions to the subconscious mind. You can meditate as often as you like; I suggest at least once a day.

a.       Self meditation

i. This is how the Buddha attained enlightenment and there are millions of people around the world who meditate every day. I’m sure Google will help you find the best practices for self meditation.

b.      Guided meditation with affirmations

i. This is my personal preference. This way I am able to respond to the instructions of people I trust (Brian Tracy and John Assaraf) as they lead me into a guided meditation state. Additionally, their meditation material has affirmations included.

You can get the 5 mp3s here: Brian Tracy and John Assaraf guided meditation

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Re-program subconscious mind step #2: Affirmations and Mind Movie

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

2.      Affirmations and  Lifestyle Mind Movie: Affirmations are specific commands that you are consciously impressing upon your subconscious mind. Repeat them 3-5 times in the first person in present tense. I have 12 of these that I Power of Affirmationscarry around with me in my journal and they relate to all areas of my life including self concept, wealth, relationships, health, happiness, skills, abilities, etc.

a.       Here are some examples of affirmations:

i. “I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis.”

ii. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy, and I have wonderful friends all over the world”

iii. You get the idea. Create your lifestyle, then affirm it to your subconscious mind.

b.      A mind movie is a collection of images that resonate with you and your desired future lifestyle, plus an audio track that really gets your emotions flowing in a super positive way. The aim of a mind movie is to supplant the current images in your conscious mind with images of the lifestyle you want. This way, with repetition, your subconscious mind ‘gets it’ and realizes this is the direction you wish to move in.

i. Head over to Google images, and start looking for images you want to experience in your own life. They could be of the trips you want, the house you want, the car you want, anything.

ii. This is what I did: in the search box type in “luxury ~”. Replace the “~” with each of the alphabets, and Google will automatically suggest options!!!

iii. For example: “luxury a”, “luxury b”, “luxury c”, and so on. Get lots of pictures.

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Re-program subconscious mind step #1: set a schedule

This is a step-by-step manual to help re-program your subconscious mind for success. Begin here: “WHY?” then “HOW TO

1.      Setting a schedule: Training our mind is very much like an athlete training their body. It must be done on a continuous basis, repeatedly, and discipline is needed otherwise we become lazy again. Obviously, just like any novice scheduleathlete, perfect discipline doesn’t come right away; it takes a little time to have the body and mind adjust, and then presto! your results multiply! This is how I have broken down my schedule, and it has been yielding ultra-positive results:

a.       90 minutes to plant your daily mental garden (best to do first thing in the morning)

i. 30 minutes – audio book chapter on mp3 player (You were Born Rich – Bob Proctor) (Link to download audio book here)

ii. 30 minutes – ultra reading (See Books and Resources page for suggestions)

iii. 15 minutes – meditation and audio affirmations

iv. 15 minutes – lifestyle mind movie

b.      5 reminders every day

i. I found out that Muslims pray 5 times a day to remain conscious of their duty to Allah. I thought to myself, “What a fantastic principle to use to remain conscious of the lifestyle I desire.”

ii. Every day at 9:20 am, 12:32 pm, 3:06 pm, 6:06 pm, 9:00 pm (reminder set on blackberry so I am notified automatically). These are times I selected for myself, you can choose your own.

iii. For 5-10 minutes at these particular times, I review 12 affirmations on the back pages of my journal

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Reprogram your subconscious mind for success: How to

In a previous post I discussed the importance of the role of the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that Conscious Mind - Subconscious Mind - Bodycontrols your bodily functions in such a way that you never have to consciously think about making your heart beat, or your eye blink, or your hair growing. These things and much more happen automatically, because they are regulated by the subconscious mind. Now an important point to consider is that not only is our bodily functions dictated by our subconscious mind, our character, beliefs, and results are also dictated by this part of the mind.

So, how does one reprogram their whole mind for success? Here are a collection of steps that I have been using over a period of time, and it has revolutionised my life. From higher levels of self satisfaction and self fulfillment to increased levels of energy and health, it all resides within you. To change the results you will be enjoying in the future, your subconscious mind needs different commands on a consistent basis.

This is a long article, treat it as a manual. Your conscious mind needs to be inundated with material that expands your awareness and brings you closer to the future lifestyle you desire in order for it to seep into your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind takes hold of this information, your body will begin to start acting in line with the lifestyle you desire. This process has made multi-millionaires of men and women. Treat it with care.

1.      Set a schedule

2.      Affirmations and lifestyle mind movie

3.      Meditation

4.      Introspection time

5.      A new library of books

6.      Audio

7.      Choices

Reprogram your subconscious mind for success: Why?

Power of Affirmations

Let me start with some background to this topic.

Over the years in study and constant observation, I’ve come to realize that most people talk a lot about what they want and rightfully desire however the results typically aren’t there; or if the results are there, they come with a tremendous amount of stress and fear. Having examined many peak performers and mentors, I’ve found that while everyone is the same in the aspect of having a physical form, their paradigms of achievement are galaxies apart! Our subconscious mind houses our paradigm, it is what dictates the results we achieve no matter what we may consciously think, say, or do.

An example of this is the expectations of a child. A child born into a wealthy family expects success, while a child born into a poor family hopes for success. Allow me to make a distinction here: by ‘wealthy’ and ‘poor’ I am not only talking about finances, I am also talking about personal values, relationships, education, personal development, work ethic, health, spirituality, etc. People can be financially wealthy, but poor in relationships or health. People can also be wealthy in education, but poor in finances. But how do we develop harmonious wealth? How can we take steps towards being fulfilled?

In order to have better results, we must reshape our paradigm. Our paradigm essentially is the box that our subconscious mind is occupying. It is the collective belief system we have about ourselves and the world around us. The best way I can convey this across to you is with this statement: “The only reason we settle for earning our current annual income is because we don’t already know how to earn that amount every month.” Simply put, we settle for earning $50,000/year because we don’t know how to earn $50,000/month. Is this such a ridiculous claim? NO! People around the world are already earning $50,000/month and more. So what separates us? Our physical bodies are essentially the same, we live on the same planet, we are affected by the same 4 seasons, precipitation, the global economy, etc.

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