How To Use Google Trends For Research

Google Trends

Hello again everyone. Often times when we’re sitting with a client or prospect and talking about digital products, its nice to have an idea of the general volume of search traffic there is for their product or service. In other words, how many people are searching the web with keyword phrases that are relevant to your client right now? That’s a pretty good piece of information for you to bring into a meeting, and helps differentiate you as a well rounded media consultant. The easiest place to collect some of that information is from Google Trends – so let’s dive in to that.

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The History of SEO

The internet has come at us hard and fast. In a relatively short time, it has forced us to shift the way we do business and has earned the highest adoption rate amongst communication oriented technologies – faster than the advent of radio and television. It has empowered users in all sorts of ways that we already take for granted:

  • Top-down information services no longer reign supreme. Everyone has a voice, and they can share it with everyone else from the comfort of their smartphone.
  • Where’s your map book? GPS apps and devices accurately pinpoint where we need to go.
  • How long since you’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of the latest phone book? Now we just search for a business online and all their contact information is easily accessible.
  • The # 1 frustration for sales people? Their customers walk in the door knowing more about the product than the people selling it because they’ve done all the research online.

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