And so it begins…

Hey everyone,

I finally dedicated the time to create an online presence for myself outside of the popular Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I use those too, but I feel like this is more specifically for me – I guess it wasn’t obvious enough with my name plastered all over this website.

Oh well.

More importantly however, I intend to use this blog as an online journal, a personal accomplishment log, if you will, that will help maintain my focus on my goals. Sharing this information with a global audience (potentially) creates the additional (and necessary) fire under my ass to continually achieve my goals and inspire anyone who comes across this. How’s that for a mission statement!

I’ve got a lot accomplished recently – including building this website; putting some business action steps into play, and reading. Currently, I’m shaking my head as I turn the pages of Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek. If outsourcing your business / income-earning life and living the life of a globetrotting vagabond instead is in your deck of cards, then you need to play at Tim’s table. Step-by-step actions and analysis of potential worst case scenarios (98% of which never happen) helps one understand how they can live the life of your dreams without having to work your entire life to enjoy a little at the end of your life.

Amazing stuff, highly recommended, and it is my new bible. More than anyone else, Tim shows you why you don’t need to go big to get the life you want.

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