How to manage my time, effort, and focus with an impact matrix

Action Expresses Priorities - Ryan D'Mello

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “there is nothing certain but death and taxes”. While that is absolutely true for most places around the world, I believe it requires a 21st century update that reads as follows:

“There is nothing certain but death, taxes, and change.”

Change is a universal constant as most scientists (and people counting white hair on their head) would certainly agree with. We have all felt the effects of a quickened pace of change over the past 10 years, and the race is on for individuals and organizations to find strategies to excel in this environment. Add to that the information overload we deal with on a daily basis, and very quickly we realize that something must be done; a desired solution that is sustainable and can be easily updated semi-annually or quarterly.

A simple strategy, I believe, is an Impact Effort Matrix. It can be effective at the individual, team, and organization levels; and helps to ensure that all efforts are aligned towards generating the highest impact – whatever your key performance indicators are. It works by helping you prioritize all your daily/weekly/monthly tasks based on the current situation. As changes arise, the relevant tasks in your impact matrix can be revisited and updated to help with course-correction. The matrix also allows you to make room for ongoing learning, so you are better equipped to manage change and your outcomes. Continue reading “How to manage my time, effort, and focus with an impact matrix”